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We produce video for ministries and non-profit organizations.

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Nathan Johnson

 Linkedin photo3 smallNathan Johnson is a filmmaker from St. Louis, Missouri. His unique creative vision flows from a deep understanding of human communication, honed both in formal education at the University of Missouri and in practical experience communicating cross-culturally around the globe.


“Yoveo,” Spanish for “I see,” expresses Nathan’s vision of a future where all people have the opportunity to live in right relationship to their world and to each other. This vision drives his desire to work with organizations that have similar goals. Nathan speaks Spanish and has been commended for his production and interview work in that language. 

Yoveo Media

Nathan started Yoveo Media to help nonprofit organizations communicate through video. We believe that organizations like yours need intensely focused tools to reach and grow a support base. That’s why our services don’t stop at creating stunning imagery with state-of-the-art equipment – anyone can do that. We use those tools with a storyteller’s voice, a cause-minded passion, and a reporter’s eye so that your message comes through loud and clear.


This approach has won Yoveo Media the praise of nonprofit clients like United Way, Cru, Intervarsity, and many more. We’ve gone around the world (a lot!), and we’ve always got another trip coming up. We’ve filmed in steamy rainforests, crowded cities, and dusty savannahs. We can’t imagine a better job than ours, and we can’t think of a better client than you. Let’s make something!

Story Development 93%

Motion Graphics 73%

Cinematography 82%

Postproduction 88%

Figure Skating 9%

“A professional process from start to finish”

“This is a huge part of our fundraising strategy”

“We will definitely be using Yoveo Media again”



What could we do for you?


We love what we do.

Our passion is your vision. And because each client’s vision is different, we offer a variety of services. 



promotional videos

17 Projects

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

animated/stop motion

8 Projects

Motion graphics

Motion graphics

intros & stings

13 Projects

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    Documentary Documentary

    Nonprofit organizations thrive when they connect people to their mission in a personal way. That’s why documentary promotion is the

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    Explainer Videos Explainer Videos

    An explainer video is a quick overview of your organization’s work. It is the fastest way to show website visitors

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    Motion Graphics Motion Graphics

    Although often an auxiliary service to our documentary productions, motion graphics is a field all its own. We’ve produced logo

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"A superb job filming, editing, and producing." -Don Nellis, UIM International


We’re proud of the work we’ve done.

We’ve been privileged to work with some awesome people around the world. With each project, we’ve tried to capture our clients’ vision and communicate it beautifully. Below you’ll find some of our past work, from documentaries to logo stings to animated explainer videos.


a video production company that understands your vision.

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You're not the only one wondering....


We love answering questions.

It’s a big part of what we do. But some questions tend to come up pretty often, so we put answers to the most common ones below. If you don’t find your answer, keep on scrolling down and send us a message!

Video production is a complex service that involves many factors. There’s no such thing as a “rate” for video – at least not an accurate one. Most of Yoveo Media’s clients are looking for short-form promotional documentaries that cost between $1,000 and $10,000USD. This could vary widely from your project depending on things like the number of filming days, the length of the video, interviews conducted, travel expenses, graphic or musical elements, and more. Animated explainer videos also vary, but are typically $3000 to $6000USD. A detailed project proposal with a cost estimate can be provided after a free consultation. Contact us to schedule one today!

We’ll start with an initial consultation, where we’ll learn your vision for the project, along with its target audience, goals and budget. This information will help us craft a project proposal that fits your needs exactly. This document clarifies all the terms of the production process. After any necessary modifications are made, the proposal is accepted and production begins.



Production itself looks different for each project. For an animated explainer video, we’ll start with scripting, storyboarding and style frames, before moving on to animation and finishing with sound design. For a typical documentary-style promotion, we’ll create a preliminary treatment before filming. That will guide us as we film interviews and b-roll footage on location. Then, using the interview transcripts, we’ll create a postproduction script and work from that. On these kinds of projects, editing and postproduction take about 2 to 3 months after filming, although this can vary depending on current workload and project scope. Regardless of the project, we work with you throughout the whole process to ensure that your video is saying exactly what you want it to say. That’s what we’re all about.

We don’t produce fiction film. We also don’t generally cover events like large concerts or weddings, although in the context of a larger documentary work, these kinds of events may be included.

Very rarely. While we share common passions with many of our potential clients (aid, development, sustainable agriculture, and conservation, for example), we operate as a business and usually only take on projects that provide compensation. This ensures that we’re able to continue providing this important service in the future. Some of our clients have had success in fundraising specifically for our productions; they’ve found that their donors readily understand the need for professional video and do not consider it a frivolous expense.

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Yoveo Media is based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. We are available for projects anywhere on the planet. 

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